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Our health club features a broad range of fitness and strength equipment but importantly is staffed by a team of fitness professionals that are qualified, experienced and committed to our member's goals. The health club offers a relaxed, non-threatening environment conducive to members maximising the benefits of their exercise.

Health Club

Health Club Features

Health Club

Our health club is adjacent to Quinn Reserve providing the best of both indoor and outdoor training worlds. The health club is equipped with a large variety of equipment, irrespective of your health fitness goals. Whilst equipment is important, it's our expertise that will deliver results and our fitness team are amply experienced and motivated to guide you to your ultimate you, in body and in mind.

Throughout our entire hours of operation the fitness floor is supervised by qualified fitness instructors eager to answer questions, demonstrate the correct technique for exercises and to develop effective fitness programs for our members.

Whilst the health club is heated/cooled to 20 degrees year round, during the warmer months the outdoor training area serves as an ideal space to inject all important variety into our members training.