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Published by East Keilor Leisure Centre : 30-03-2017

Lee Jeka's Burpee Challenge

Lee Jeka's Burpee Challenge

Upon Lee Jeka's return to East Keilor Leisure Centre as the Health Club Coordinator, we welcomed him by placing a post on the centre's facebook page.  1 like = 1 bupree is what we promised.  Thanks to your overwhelming support, Lee will be completing over 100 burpees on Monday 3 March at 10.30am. 

If your around the centre on Monday, pop into the gym and complete a few burpees with him for support.  If you can't make it down checkout our facebook live feed.  

If you haven't had the opportunity to like the post and to Lee's total burpees, please do so by following this link

News Summary

Lee Jeka has returned to East Keilor Leisure Centre following a short time spent away managing Queens Park Swimming Pool. To help welcome him into his new role we have set him a Burpee Challenge

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